Names: Sammiee, Crow, Raine, Kinger, Alastor, or Mike
Gender: Transmasc, Nonbinary, Genderfaun
Xenogenders: Forestgender, Mushroomgender, Clowncoric, Puppetmasc
Pronouns: it/they/he
Neopronouns: ink/ink's/inkself, bot/bot's/botself, Fae/Faer, Xe/Xem
Sexuality: Panromantic Ace
Status: Taken
Style: Scene/Emo, Sometimes Gremlincore
Theriotype: White Tailed Deer
Otherkin Type: Faerie
Neurodiversity: ADHD, Possible Autism, Anxiety
Other: Sfw Age Regressor
Fav Colors: Green, Blue, and Purple
Fav Music Genre: Folk Punk
Fav Book/Show Genre: Fantasy
Fav Movie Genre: Musical

Before You Follow:
-I am a minor
-I am a Therian and Otherkin
-I use neopronouns and xenogenders
-I am pro-Palestine
-I have a partner
-I believe that neurodiversity and mental illness are disabilities as they impact people's lives just as much as other disabilities
-I believe that physical and mental disabilities are on equal footing

Hyperfixations: Alice in Wonderland, Minecraft, The Owl House, FNAF, TMNT, TADC, MLP
Interests: Doll Customizing, TTRPG, Theater, Writing, Drawing, Game Development, Sewing, Cosplay, Lost Media, Video Essays, MLP Collecting
Tags (Tumblr)
#Important for my artist needs: A tag I use to keep all the drawing guides and references I reblog in one place so I don't need to go looking for them
#Sammiees saved for later tag: Exactly what it sounds like
#Crow.txt: I changed my textpost tag. This is my textpost tag. (Which I rarely use)
#Crow.rb: reblogs
#Sammiee's Theater Ramblings: Theater shit.
#Crow.ocs: oc tag
#Crow.adhd: Adhd stuff
Why do I have so many Sideblogs? Idk. These are just currently the semi active ones
@little-crows-corner: SFW Age Regression
@a-nostalgic-blessing: 2000s-2010s Nostalgia Blog
@tales-of-the-lost: Lost Media Blog
@folk-high: Ask Blog for a story im working on
@eat-the-system: Punk Blog
@deer-boy-fae: Therian/Otherkin Blog
@waterlilytea: Cottagecore/Gremlincore/Nature Blog
@sammiees-spellbook: Witchblr Blog
@ursa-major-the-teddy: TADC Oc Ask Blog
@scenecrow: Scene, Emo, and Punk Blog
@j4de-blooded-dumbazz: Homestuck Oc Rp Blog
@flarphorrorstories: Basically r/rpghorrorstories but ran by my homestuck trollsona
@sammiees-studyblr: Exactly what it says, it's my studyblr
@smiley-stimboard: Stimboard Request Blog
@lumity-poggers: Owl House Blog
@write-now-or-else: Writeblr Blog
@the-divine-rat: Weirdcore Blog
@cryptid-watch-park: Cryptid Based Rp Blog
@samsttrpgblog: Exactly What It Says
@cooking-and-coping: Where I Store Recipies I Like
@the-inkblot: Art Blog
@crows-collections: Blog for all the things I collect
@littledaisydeath: Hyperpop and Breakcore sideblog